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Drive Ideas

  • Cuddle Bear Drive

   For every $10.00 raised a child receives a cuddle bear. 

  • Book Drive

  • Food Drive 

   Every $25.00 raised gets a bag of groceries to a child. 

  • Furniture Drive 

  • Sneaker Drive 

  • Foster Care Duffle Bag Drive 

  • Back to School Drive 

  • School Supplies Drive 

  • Backpack Drive 

   For every $10.00 donated one child gets a backpack 

  • Kids Closet Drive 

  • Diaper Drive 

  • Baby Clothing, Formula, Toys & Diaper Drive

  • Winter Clothing, Toy & Book Drive 

  • Spring Fling Clothing, Toy & Book  Drive 

  • Summer Party Clothing, Toy & Book  Drive 

  • Fall Clothing, Toy & Book  Drive 

Available Fundraising Event Ideas

  • Mother's Day Flower Bulb Fundraiser

  • Holiday Fundraiser 

  • Bake Sale 

  • Pumpkin Patch 

  • Chocolate Bar Fundraiser 

  • Cotton Candy Fundraiser 

  • Candle Fundraiser 

  • Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser

  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser 

  • Auntie Anne's Pretzel Fundraiser

  • Krispy Cream Donut Fundraiser 

  • CiCi's Pizza Fundraiser

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