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Education Classes for Kids 

  Big Hugs for Little Hearts is here to offer a range of classes designed to educate and enlighten both children and adults on various topics of interest. We provide comprehensive support by equipping you with marketing information, supply lists that you can procure independently, or optionally, we can arrange their provision at an additional cost. Our dedicated volunteer trainers are ready to facilitate and deliver the educational content. For further details, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Kid Training Classes

Be Smart - Say no to strangers (grade 1-3)

Gun Safety 

First Aid for Children 

Who can you trust? 

Be safe wear a helmet

Stranger Danger 

My safety Matters 

It's ok to tell 

A safe neighborhood starts with me 

Clean Hands starts with me 

10 ways to be a fit kid 

Fitness fun

My plate - Where does my food come from?

Drinking water is good for me

Learn about good health habits 

Let's put an end to bullying 

My rules for being the boss of my body 

Bike safety "Let's ride" (grade 3-5)

Be smart don't start using tobacco 

Be kind 

Child ID Drive 

What to do in an emergency 

I'm smart - say no to strangers

Dangers of smoking and Vaping 

Learn about good health habits - Hygiene and brushing teeth

101 ways to stay safe 

Good touch bad touch 

Eat right and keep active 

Power up with healthy foods

Kids in the kitchen cookbook 

Eat the rainbow

Fruits and Veggies A-Z

3 Great plates for preschoolers

Eat wise and exercise

Fruits and Veggies for the win

Be happy Be Healthy Education 

Let's put an end to bullying

Learn about good health habits 

Eat a rainbow

Play it fire safe (grade5-6)

Parent Education Classes

10 ways to help kids stay drug-free

Safe sleep and Care for Baby 

10 tips to protect your children from strangers

Smart Parenting 

Teach your child body safety

Coping with family conflicts 

Talking to kids about legalized marijuana

Stop Sexual Abuse: Ways to keep kids safe 

Protect kids online 

Make every plate for your family a great plate

Fit Family 

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