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2024 Kids Can Heal Campaign

School Children

Join us as we are embarking on a new campaign for 2024 and we invite you and your team to join us in making a profound difference in the lives of children facing unimaginable challenges.

At Big Hugs for Little Hearts, we are a beacon of compassion and support for these young heroes. We are reaching out to passionate supporters like you, offering various ways to get involved and spread kindness. Whether through volunteering, sharing words of encouragement, creating uplifting drawings, or offering valuable tips for helping children heal from trauma, every act of support matters.

Here's how you can participate and bring hope to these deserving children:

  1. Donate Items: We welcome both new and used donations, including clothing, shoes, toys, books, and more. Your contributions directly impact the children we serve.

  2. Letters of Encouragement: Consider writing heartfelt letters or creating drawings filled with inspiration. These will be included in the care packages we provide to Big Hugs Children.

  3. Big Hugs Swag: Visit our Swag Shop where you can purchase tax-free Big Hugs merchandise. These items, like duffel bags and baby clothes, are invaluable additions to our care packages.

  4. Spread Hope on Social Media: Share messages of hope and encouragement on our Facebook page. Post your drawings or artworks that inspire healing and resilience, using #KidsCanHeal to amplify positivity online.

  5. Support Bracelets: Starting April 8th, you can purchase our #KidsCanHeal support bracelets for $5 each. These bracelets come in various colors and all proceeds directly benefit the children in our campaign.

  6. Donations Collection: If you and your team would like to collect specific items such as clothing, toys, hygiene products, or school supplies, please refer to our website for a list of needed items. We support ages 0 to 18, ensuring no child is left without support.

Attached, you will find a flyer and additional information to share with your team. Your support means the world to us and to the children we serve.

Let me know we can work together to schedule pick up of donations and drop off the bracelets or mail them to your office. 

Let's join hands in this movement of compassion and kindness. Together, we can create a brighter, more hopeful future for these incredible young souls. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to reach out.


With heartfelt gratitude,

 Kristin Leest 


Kristin Leest 


Big Hugs for Little Hearts 


Phone: 843.501.5301


Campaign Challenge Resources


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