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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Kids Running

It takes all of us working together to prevent child abuse. Order your pin wheels today for Child Abuse Prevention Month 2021.

Order pin wheels

Help positive childhood experiences take root


"Join us as a prevention partner and play a vital role in our statewide campaign to nurture a brighter future for South Carolina's children. As prevention partners, you can demonstrate the power of prevention by cultivating pinwheel gardens and spreading messages of prevention within your communities. Let's work together to sow the seeds of a better tomorrow for the children and families of South Carolina."

Pledge for prevention

"Make a Pledge


​ I pledge to being a supportive neighbor and contributing to the well-being of families and the safety of children. I will connect with a family in my local community, assist a nearby family organization, or familiarize myself with family resources available in my area."

Support Child Abuse Prevention this April

"Your Generosity Supports Big Hugs for Little Hearts

Your donations play a vital role in enabling Big Hugs for Little Hearts to offer funding, resources, and training to community-based organizations that are dedicated to implementing proven programs aimed at preventing child abuse and promoting the strength and well-being of families and communities."

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