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Children in Indoor Playground

Concerning Your Donation

Big Hugs for Little Hearts firmly believes in the inherent value of every child, and we are dedicated to their nurturing, love, and protection. Every child deserves the support of caring adults to help them reach their full potential. In 2019, Big Hugs for Little Hearts Inc. was founded with the purpose of elevating the standard of care and enhancing access to vital services and resources for children and families dealing with abandonment, abuse, and neglect. Our network of volunteers and national partners is resolute in reshaping the trajectory of children's lives by raising the quality of care they receive.

In pursuit of the BHLH mission, grantees and affiliates work to:

  1. Provide children with necessary resources without any cost to them.

  2. Offer financial assistance for the medical and educational needs of each child.

  3. Raise awareness and knowledge about the effects of trauma within our communities.

  4. Develop new resources and materials for parents, caregivers, and community members.

  5. Conduct education and training programs.

Together, we have a unique opportunity to contribute to the future of our children and be part of a long-lasting effort that promotes their safety and well-being, always keeping their best interests at the forefront.

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